On The 8th May 2011 By 7am While giving God Pure Worship in the morning with my wife for one hour the name of the ministry was finally “ASSEMBLY OF GREAT FAITH INT’L”


Through the holy spirit I received the name of the ministry which I’ve been waiting on God to receive. When the name finally came I realized that great faith produce great wonders, great miracles, great victories, great testimonies, great attention and great lives Matt. 8:5-10, Matt. 15:22-28

With my new book that God has inspired me to write titled [living a great life with a great God]. Time has come to move our lives from good life to great life.

He said behold I will do a new thing


To take away shame, poverty and to wipe away tears from every face, To make them to understand that there is a hope in God for everybody who is ready to acknowledge Him.  To raise God’s standard in every life. This! I vow to live for, to bring dignity and values to the life of people.