The function of money in our daily life is a critical issue that has occupied my mind for the past four years. And for these four years I have lived with these issues until now. I believe this is the time to let everybody understand that money has its limit. I have watched and seen what money has caused in so many lives. The most heart breaking part of it is about those who have allowed money to bring down their moral values.
Some people do unthinkable, unimaginable and crazy things just because they want to make money. When you agree to do just anything to make money, then you become a SLAVE to money. Admitting to the fact that money is important to live a comfortable life, we should not allow money to be a driving force at which we move our life forward. Money cannot be compared to the real values of our lives. It’s the value in a man that creates the use of money. Money should be our servant, it should not control us. I have seen leaders who have allowed money to destroy them because of their moral values have been lost to money. I know without money our lives can’t be meaningful, and I also know because of money so many lives have been destroyed. This book focuses on how you can live your life beyond the standard and the values of money. It will open your eyes to the secrets of succeeding without allowing money to control you and dictate to you.