This book is a product of my personal encounter with God. While waiting on Him, the Lord spoke to me about many things concerning His church and His people. I believe the secret of living our lives to the fullest is a function of discovery; that in turn empowers absolute recovery. When people fail to discover the truth they can perish in their ignorance.
What people don’t know has the capacity to either destroy them or manipulate them. God can’t be responsible for the misery that mankind is going through. Everybody has the duty of seeking the truth in the right environment where their lives can experience supernatural turn around, only when we have the truth that we can safely navigate through life and make progress with the right attitude to please God. What I see today are Christians who are living below the capacity of what God represents.
Living in the reality of God’s blessing is a book that will unlock the truth behind the finished work of Christ. Jesus came to the earth and finished the work His father gave Him. He instructed us to occupy till He returns but these days many Christians can’t even locate their values in God.
Living in the reality of God's blessing frnt