Compliment of the season. I just finished reading a copy of your book “Be all that God want you to be”. I am blessed beyond measures for reading your book. It was given as a gift when I visited Lagos form LONDON recently. Keep up the good work, and may God continue to strengthen you.      – Jibola (LONDON)

May the Almighty God whose name is Jehovah bless you in all you doing, in the name of our lord Jesus Christ.(Amen). YOU MERITED THIS PRAYER. COS YOU INSPIRED ME, I have a dream to write two books, but I felt that since I only have primary six CERTIFICATES. People might question my qualification. But your message I heard made me to believe I can go beyond my certificate. Once again I want to say thank you.      – Simon  

I thank God for this your wonderful book, it transformed my life.    –Ndubueze clement (Nigeria).

Today turns out to be one day I shall live to remember. Your words were full of life. If you went through all what you said as a child and today you are a happy man. To God be the glory. From today I refuse to give up on my DESTINY.     –  Prince Emeka

I read your book here in France and your book has really lifted me beyond ordinary. May the lord continue to bless you.     -Mabel (Paris)

I thank God that I was privileged to be at the place where God used you and your books, which I bought to put an end to the enemy’s assault in my life. I thank God immensely for his GRACE upon your life. I wish you can understand me and fill the in-depth of spiritual awaking, that God have granted me through your book.  Please I want to reach others and be a blessing as I tap into your anointing by contributing in my own little way. Please permit me also to be a tool in helping others to realize their God given PURPOSE AND DESTINY.

I need more copies of this book to bless people. May the good Lord continue to supply all your need and increase your wisdom, favour and grace [amen].     – Kenneth.

You are indeed ordained by God to impact KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM to lives. After reading your book “LIVING A SUCCESSFUL LIFE” and “BE ALL THAT GOD WANTS YOU TO BE”. My spirit was lifted and DECISION was taken to see myself on TOP. All I need from you is prayer for direction and wisdom. Love you.      -Anon

I just finished reading your book now. And I must confess you have touched a SOUL tonight. Of a truth you have done a good job. May the Almighty God continue to increase you in wisdom, knowledge and understanding. God bless you sir.     -Shade

I want to thank God and thank you for this wonderful book; it has really blessed my life. I collected it from a friend. May the good Lord continue to lift you up as you bless others.    – Esther.